Balenciaga Font

If you're looking for fonts similar to the Balenciaga logo, Utah Condensed Bold and Zurich Condensed Bold are excellent choices. Another alternative font, OPTIUnivers Sixty Seven, offers a similar aesthetic and is also free to use.

Chrome Hearts Font

The Chrome Hearts logo features the distinctive Cloister Black font, a textura style developed by Joseph Phinney and Morris Fuller Benton in homage to William Caslon's 1700s blackletter fonts. Renowned for its fusion of punk rock and biker culture, Chrome Hearts, established in 1988, creates luxury items like leather jackets and jewellery using premium materials such as sterling silver and exotic skins. The brand's iconic cross with a heart-shaped void defines its logo, while collaborations with notable figures like Drake and Kanye West highlight Chrome Hearts' influential presence in the fashion world.

Rolex Font

Looking for the Rolex font? Rutex by FG Studios closely matches the logo, or try Round Slab Serif—both free to download. Founded in 1905, Rolex signifies Swiss luxury, innovation, and precision. Crafted with the finest materials and tested rigorously, Rolex watches boast accuracy and durability. Worn by global icons, Rolex remains a symbol of prestige.

Dior Font

Looking for the Dior font? Charles-Nicolas Cochin's engravings from the 18th century are probably what inspired the Nicolas Cochin Regular design on the Dior logo. For a free alternative, consider OPTI Naval from Castcraft Software. Founded in 1946 by Christian Dior, the French luxury fashion house is renowned for its elegant designs, haute couture, and iconic products, including the Lady Dior bag and J’adore perfume, making it a leading brand in the global fashion industry.
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Zara Font

Discover the elegant Didot font, the typographic choice behind the Zara brand logo, designed by Adrian Frutiger and available through Linotype. For a free alternative, consider the Bavex font, ready for commercial and personal use. Zara, a trendsetting global fashion brand, is a part of the Inditex Group and operates over 7,000 stores worldwide. Renowned for its rapid, responsive production system, Zara frequently updates its collections, drawing inspiration from runways, celebrities, and street styles.

I Love NY Font

The iconic "I Love NY" logo features a font resembling American Typewriter, a rounded slab serif typeface crafted by Joel Kaden and Tony Stan in 1974, available for commercial purchase. Typo Slab Irregular serves as a free alternative. This symbolic design, conceived by Milton Glaser in 1977, symbolizes affection and pride for New York, originally part of a campaign for the state's economic development.

Bratz Font

The 'Kenan & Kel' font is a replica font resembling Bratz, while 'Funkhous' and 'House of Fun' offer free alternatives with unique and stylish designs for Bratz-inspired creations. Bratz fashion dolls, introduced in 2001 by MGA Entertainment, were known for their distinctive style and diverse personalities. Unfortunately, they were discontinued in 2016 and have yet to return since.

Thrasher Font

Thrasher's distinctive logo incorporates Banco for the magazine's cover, an inclined typeface created by Roger Excoffon in 1951. The fire logo is custom-made, but you can use Crush N Burn, a free alternative font. Thrasher, a prominent skateboarding magazine founded in 1981, offers comprehensive coverage of skateboarding culture, news, and events, along with its iconic flaming T logo.
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Chanel Font

The Chanel font used in the logo resembles the Couture font, known for its sleek and modern sans-serif style, mirroring Chanel's reputation for elegance and quality in the fashion and luxury industry.

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Friends Font

The popular sitcom Friends has a custom-made logo font that is not officially available. However, there are several replica fonts that capture the essence of the show's logo.

Hello Kitty Fonts

Explore Hello Kitty-inspired fonts such as Janda Happy Day, Boldins, Odin Rounded, and Veronica Script to add a playful and cute touch to your designs, capturing the essence of the globally beloved character.

Brawl Stars Font

The retro font Nougat is used in the Brawl Stars logo while the bold font Lilita One is used for in-game text. This article summarizes the game's typography and how to utilize the fonts for branding.

Cookie Run Font

The CookieRun Typeface seems to be the most distinctive font associated with the Cookie Run brand identity and games. It's available for free personal use, while commercial use requires contacting Devsisters for licensing.

Super Mario Fonts

The Super Mario series features unique typography, with fan-made replicas of the unreleased official font. Notable options include Sumario Font, Super Mario 286, and Mario and Luigi Font.

Pokemon Font

Whether you're a designer, a Pokémon enthusiast, or simply curious about typography, this guide explores various Pokémon-themed fonts, highlighting their characteristics and uses.

SpongeBob SquarePants Font

SpongeBob fonts are more than just typefaces; they're an invitation to play, create, and express your affection for the beloved series.

Got Milk? Font

The "Got Milk?" campaign's logo uses the Phenix American font, a sans-serif designed by Morris Fuller Benton and published by Monotype in December 2001. For free alternatives, Opti Phoenix Nine and Bluefish Demo fonts provide similar styles for personal us.

Lego Font

The font used in the Lego logo is very similar to LegoThick and another fan-made font, "Lego." The official Lego font used in the logo is a custom-made font not accessible to the public.