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Cookie Run is a popular mobile game series known for its charming and playful aesthetic. The game’s unique visual style extends to its typography, with a distinctive font that captures the spirit of the game’s adventurous cookie characters.

The Cookie Run font was created by Devsisters Corp specifically for the Cookie Run game series. The actual name of this font is CookieRun Typeface. This font is available for free for personal use, with the download file including both OTF and TTF font variants. The font family includes Regular, Bold, and Black weight variants. For commercial use or specific industry applications, users are advised to contact DevSisters for usage guidelines and licensing.

It has a playful, rounded aesthetic that matches the cute cookie characters. The Cookie Run font is very creative and unique, with stylish glyphs and big caps versions that have been used by designers in various projects, including branding, web design, advertising, and print design. It has a smooth texture and a unique design, making it an excellent choice for logo design and other applications where a compact, stylish font is needed.

In addition to the CookieRun Typeface, the game also employs the Mikado typeface in its logo and in-game text. The Cookie Run game includes various fonts such as Mikado, VAG Rounded, and Noto Sans, which are available for download and installation.

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