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Space Jam Font

Discover the iconic fonts used in the Space Jam movies, including Lithos Black, Decotura, and Republik Sans Two. These decorative fonts add a fun and stylized touch to the movie titles.

Fast and Furious font

Discover the iconic "Antique Olive Nord D Italic" font used in "The Fast and the Furious" movie series titles. Designed by Roger Excoffon, this commercially available font adds a sleek and dynamic touch to any project.

Wii Font

The Wii, a 2006 Nintendo game console with motion-sensing controllers, offers immersive gameplay with activities like tennis, golf, and bowling. Compatible with GameCube games, its best-sellers include Wii Sports and Mario Kart. The Wii logo resembles the Continuum font, designed by Brøderbund Software.

Up Up and Away...

Discover the dynamic "Up Up And Away" font, a versatile typeface designed by John Roshell and published by Comicraft. With its comic book style and multiple styles, this super font offers endless design possibilities.

Kung Fu Panda Font

Explore the playful spirit of Kung Fu Panda with the exclusive Kung Fu font from HackFonts, inspired by the animated DreamWorks classic. Although the original movie's logo features a custom font, this free alternative captures the essence of the film's humour and action. Dive into the world of Po, the lovable panda aspiring to be a kung fu master, and embark on a typographic journey reminiscent of the film's charm and excitement.

Valorant Font

The custom Valorant font featured in the game's logo was recreated by a fan named Bryan T., who named it Valorant. Glyph variants for A, V, M, and N are available through uppercase/lowercase usage. This font, inspired by the game's design, can be freely downloaded from the website. Riot Games developed Valorant, a tactical shooter with character-based abilities, played online in teams of five. The game offers diverse modes and maps, providing players with a range of strategic experiences.

Disneyland Font

Looking for the Disneyland Font? While the official custom-made font is not publicly available, fans can enjoy similar styles through creations like "Started by Mouse" by Robert Nava. Disneyland, established in 1955 in Anaheim, California, is renowned not only for its attractions but also for its iconic logo and typography, making it a magical destination where dreams come true.

One Piece Font

One Piece, created by Eiichiro Oda, boasts a distinctive logo transformed into a unique font by Phantom King Graphics. Featuring both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols, it captures the essence of the series. Sayyeda Font by FG Studios is also a noteworthy choice. The manga and anime follow Monkey D. Luffy's quest for the fabled treasure, One Piece, as he leads the eclectic Straw Hat Pirates through a world filled with adversaries and mysteries.

Rebel Moon Font

In search of the Rebel Moon font? It's likely that the distinctive logo made use of Arto Condensed Bold, a slim, vintage font perfect for branding and headlines and a member of the S6 Foundries Arto Condensed family. Rebel Moon, a much-anticipated sci-fi adventure from Zack Snyder that will premiere on Netflix in 2023, is the first installment of a trilogy. The storyline follows a young woman spearheading a rebellion against a tyrannical empire in a distant galaxy.

Counter Strike Font

The Counter-Strike font used in the iconic logo is a custom creation, meticulously recreated as 'Counter Strike' by SoJa. This font boasts a comprehensive set of characters, including upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and both Latin and Cyrillic glyphs. The best part? You can freely download it. Counter-Strike, a renowned multiplayer tactical first-person shooter series, debuted on Windows in 1999 and has evolved through various iterations, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive standing out for its realistic tactical gameplay and enduring popularity.

Jurassic Park Font

Explore the iconic Jurassic Font used in the 1993 film Jurassic Park, created exclusively for its logo. While the original font is custom-made, a replica font by FilmFonts is available for free download. Consider alternative options such as Afrikan or Tribeca regular fonts to capture the essence of this groundbreaking science fiction adventure directed by Steven Spielberg.

Home Alone Font

The "Home Alone" font, used in the 1990 comedy film "Home Alone," mirrors the ITC Century Book Condensed, a serif font from the ITC Century family designed by Tony Stan. The movie, directed by Chris Columbus and written by John Hughes, stars Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, and Daniel Stern. It narrates the story of Kevin, a boy who defends his home against burglars after being accidentally left behind during Christmas. The film sparked the famous Home Alone franchise and became an iconic Christmas movie. For the tagline "A Family Comedy Without The Family," Lithos Pro Black font was likely used.