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The font used in the logo of the popular Australian animated television series, Bluey, is custom-made and is often referred to as the “Bluey Font”. However, there are a few fonts that closely resemble it.

The most similar fonts to the Bluey logo are “Blueway” by Abu Hasnat, “Hello Headline” by font author Veneta and “Magic Sound“. These fonts offer a diverse range of glyphs and belong to delightful font families, allowing designers to create graphics, images, and designs that pay homage to the original logo’s lighthearted charm.

Blueway, a font by Abu Hasnat, is one such option. This free demo font is a close replica of the Bluey Font and can be purchased from the owner’s shop for commercial use. It offers a diverse range of glyphs and belongs to a delightful font family.

“Hello Headline” is a professional typeface that features colorful, rounded lettering. It is used in the official Bluey logo, which perfectly portrays the show’s playful spirit against a sunny backdrop.

“Magic Sound” is a handwritten font that has a fun and energetic vibe. It is most similar to the Bluey logo and can be used for various design projects such as invitations, flyers, cards, labels, etc.

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